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Social Studies

Civics 9th GRADE

This course will help the student understand the American government by closely examining and interpreting America’s most important documents, as well as discussing current events that can affect the government and government operations.  Students will also investigate career opportunities and will understand steps to achieving their career goal.

U.S. History 10 part 1 & 2

This course offers a comprehensive look at American History.  Students will study the influence of diverse ideas or beliefs and compare and contrast the relationship between historical and contemporary themes in United States.  This course will cover basic components required by the Minnesota State Standards.

Social Studies 11 part 1 & 2

The student will become aware of cultures and civilizations across time from the prehistoric period to the present.  Part of the class will also include the learner gaining an awareness of sociological concepts and theories that can be used to interpret events in their lives.  This course will cover basic components required by the Minnesota State Standards.

U.S. Politics & Economics GRADE 12

This course will be a study of Politics and Economics and its effects on the United States and the rest of the world.  Students will understand the interactive nature of global, national, and local economic systems, how government decisions impact those systems, and how individuals, households, businesses, and governments use scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs.  Finally, the student will understand the foundations, rights and responsibilities of United States citizenship.  This course will cover basic components required by the Minnesota State Standards.

World Geography GRADE 12

The student will study World Geography and its implications on present and future global events and changes.  The student will understand how cultures interact with their environments by studying how geographic features, locations, and cultural characteristics influence society and the environment. This course will cover basic components required by the Minnesota State Standards.

College Psychology - College Credit through Lake Superior College (pending course approval from the college)

Why do people dream? Why are some memories more vivid than others? How does hypnosis work? Why do we act the way we do? When most people think of psychology they picture a person on a couch talking to a therapist, or a scientist in a lab carrying out an experiment on a rat. In this course we will attempt to answer all of these questions and explain just what psychology actually is. We will study our behavior and mental processes, and learn the basic concepts in psychology. In doing this we will gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. This course will be offered for college credit.

Psychology GRADE 11-12

The student is introduced to basic psychological concepts and vocabulary which allows the student to apply psychology to his/her own life.  A variety of topics will be discussed and this will be a good introduction for college psychology.

Law and Justice GRADE 11-12

The focus of this course is on topics such as rights and responsibilities of individuals, law enforcement, federal and state court systems and trials.

Sociology GRADE 11-12

This course is the study of people in groups.  Sociologists attempt to understand how our relationships are affected by our social settings.  This course explores patterns and principles that help in understanding the range of social influences that shape individual actions.

Current Events

This course is designed to explore the ever-changing events in our world. The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of the importance of daily events and to show how these events affect the individual.  Current Events examines political, economics, and social issues.  The core of the class will have detailed discussion, critical analysis, and problem solving applications. This course attempts to place current events within a historical perspective and suggests future implications of these events.  A variety of media will be used in this course, including newspapers, television, and media websites.

The History of Sports and Society

This is a one semester course that is designed to give students a better understanding of the relationship between sports and our society.  The course will examine the history of sports and their origins – from the Colonial period in the United States to present day.  The course will examine many issues related to sports, our culture, and our society.  Students will gain an understanding of how sporting events have shaped our society, but also how our society has shaped sports.  The course will not just concentrate on rules and how sports are played, but will also look at the deeper meanings behind some of our favorite activities.  Students will come away with knowledge in history, economics, geography, cultural studies, gender issues, and issues of race and Civil Rights.  Student learning will be composed of many different strategies, such as class debates and discussion, research assignments and presentations, written analysis papers, and different types of creative projects. 

American National Government (College Credit through Southwest Minnesota State University)

This course surveys the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the national government; the role of political parties, interest groups and public opinion. It also includes discussion of local and state government and the political uses of the law.  Requirements for this course include a mid-term and final test, as well as a research paper and other work determined by the teacher and college professor.