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Intermediate Algebra

This class is a requirement for all students in grade 9 unless Algebra was taken in grade 8.  It must be taken semester one and two.

Advanced Algebra and Trig

This course is a continuation of the concepts and processes covered in Algebra I, but at a higher level.  Mathematical patterns, relationships, and functions will be used to model and solve problems. 

Geometry (Taken after Advanced Algebra and Trig)

A different kind of math with a lot of thinking, planning and problem solving.  Students will investigate shapes, space and proofs.  This course will cover basic components required by the Minnesota State Standards.

Integrated Algebra I; Grades 9-10 (Teacher Placement Only!)

Must be taken semesters one and two; offered every other year opposite Integrated Geometry.  Students will cover solving linear equations and inequalities; linear and nonlinear functions; systems of equations and inequalities; exponential and radical functions; data analysis; and properties of exponents with rational exponents.

Integrated Geometry; Grades 9-10 (Teacher Placement Only!)

Must be taken semesters one and two; offered every other year opposite Integrated Algebra I.  Students will cover reasoning and proof; lines and angles; triangle congruence and similarity; quadrilaterals, right triangles and trigonometry; circles; and surface area and volume.

Integrated Career Math; Grade 12

Program is designed for student’s needs.  Students may prepare for College Placement Exams (Acuplacer), prepare for the ACT, or design their own course based on career path after high school.

Consumer Math – Juniors and Seniors Preferred

Personal Finance (Semester 1)

This course teaches math by showing students how math is applied in the real world.  Students learn skills such as getting jobs, balancing checks, and saving money.  Teaching math as it applies to real world personal finance!        

Consumer Math (Semester 2 – Personal Finance recommended but not required)

Students learn how math is used in the real world as they learn to answer questions a small business owner needs to know as they create businesses and sell products to other students.

Pre-Calculus GRADE 11-12

This course is taken after Advanced Algebra and Geometry, and prior to College Algebra.  Primarily incorporates many of the topics learned in algebra with additional studies of functions and applications. The required preparation is three years of high school mathematics.

College Calculus 1 (First & Second Semester-5 College Credits) (College Credit through Southwest Minnesota State University)

Mathematics topics include: differential calculus including derivatives, rules of differentiation, integration, techniques of integration and applications of calculus.  Equations and inequalities, functions, graphs, polynomials, system of equations, matrices, and determinants. Prerequisites: “B” average in previous math courses and upper half of class. Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus must be taken prior.