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Life Studies

Life Studies GRADE 9

Life Studies 9 is a comprehensive course exploring families, housing, clothing and foods from a historical and cultural perspective.  The semester long course involves labs and projects. 

Foods GRADE 11-12

This course provides the basics of nutrition and the principles of food preparation.  Students will learn how to select and prepare food to provide optimum health through good nutritional choices.  Kitchen management skills, sanitation, safety, budgeting, and meal planning are just a few topics addressed.  There is a fee for this course which covers the many lab experiences.

Fabric and Fiber Art GRADE 10-12

This class will satisfy one semester credit of art at MLHS.  Using fabric and fibers, students will learn the elements of design through the process of making a quilting project.  Students will design a quilt block and develop a project based on that design.  Final projects will be displayed for the entire community to appreciate!  Students will be responsible for purchasing their own materials for this class.

LOYO - Living on Your Own GRADE 11-12

Learn about yourself related to problem solving, communication, and decision making in many areas of your life including relationships, careers, and your future.  This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to survive life after high school!  You will have the opportunity to use your decision making skills to rent an apartment, read a lease, buy a car, shop for groceries, use credit and much more!  Quote from a MLHS graduate!   "I'm so glad I took LOYO!  I've used so many of the things we've learned since I left home. Everyone should take this class."