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Health PE


Students will understand and recognize importance of the decision-making process and community health practices that promote healthful lifestyles enhancing individual, family and community health.  Six priority areas include: promote healthful nutrition/dietary practices, physical fitness, and reduce/prevent tobacco use, drug/alcohol use, intentional and unintentional injuries and HIV/STD/unintentional pregnancies. 


This class will encourage students to demonstrate skills involving lifelong fitness activities.  Each student will follow a personalized fitness plan that they will create.  This personal fitness plan will be shaped around the activities done in class.  Activities will include:  weight room, team sports, individual sports, and cardiovascular activities.  Students will understand how to create and implement a fitness plan throughout the semester.  This fitness plan will promote lifelong activities and benefit their overall physical fitness.  This is the required Physical Education class needed for graduation.

Senior High PE

This will be made up of 10th & 12th graders. The course will offer the opportunity to participate in activities that can be performed throughout one’s life. Students will participate in a variety of individual and dual activities including: weight training, pickle ball, tennis, golf, bowling, cross country skiing, dance, aerobics, basketball, football, softball, volleyball, bocce ball and many more.

Strength and Conditioning

Students will learn the practice the proper lifting techniques, proper safety procedures, machine lifting, free weights, and a variety of ways to condition. Students will develop a personal weight lifting program. The emphasis of this class will be based on safety, proper lifting, and a concept of total fitness training.

Lifetime Wellness PE   Prerequisite: 1 Semester of Fitness

Lifetime Wellness PE Elective is a PE course offered to students that are interested in improving their overall levels of individual wellness providing a combination of a balanced mixture of the following fitness techniques: yoga, Pilates, kettle ball, step aerobics, Taebo, P90X, circuit training, light weight lifting, walking/jogging, Zumba, relaxation and rejuvenation, and dance based workouts.  The goal of this class is to ensure that each student leaves feeling confident and comfortable to continue to utilize the wellness skills learned from this course throughout their lifetime.