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English Language Arts

English 9--Part 1 and 2

This course is a prerequisite for all of the high school English classes. It will focus on writing, speaking, reading non-fiction and fiction, and the research process.  This course is a graduation requirement.

English 10 part 1 and 2  

During this course students will read both fiction and non-fiction selections to comprehend and evaluate complex information. Students will be expected to write, speak and research effectively. There will also be grammar and vocabulary throughout the year. Speeches are required. This course is a graduation requirement.

English 11 part 1 and 2  

This course will focus on the major authors of American Literature. Students will read several novels and two plays. Students will also read a variety of shorter selections from our anthology and will be expected to write and speak, as well as write journal entries and several other smaller writing assignments. There will also be vocabulary and ACT prep throughout the year.  Students must take this course or Applied Communications in order to meet graduation requirements.

 English 12 part 1 and 2

English 12 is a year- long class in which students read works from Shakespeare (Macbeth), Dickens (Tale of Two Cities), Austen (Emma), Greek tragedies (Oedipus Rex, Medea), American plays and literature (Stephen King short stories, All My Sons, Inherit the Wind, etc.) and Holocaust materials.  Speeches, power point presentations, writing assignments (including a research paper) are mandated.  A wax museum may be presented.  Seniors not in College English and College Speech or Applied Communications must enroll in this course to satisfy graduation requirements.

Applied Communications  part 1 and 2

This course is for 11th & 12th grade students who need to work on English skills. Readings will include several novels, short stories, and newspaper and magazine articles.  Students will complete several small writing assignments as well.  School-to-work and real-world issues will also be studied. The class may be taken as a junior, senior or both. Teacher placement only.

Drama (College Credit through Lake Superior College)

Theatre production is open to students in grades 10-12 who are interested in working on the fall play. The basics of acting, play analysis, and technical theatre are the major components of the class. Students will be expected to read plays outside of class, as well as work on a theatre history presentation. This course will fulfill an art credit.


In this class, students in grades 10 – 12 will have the opportunity for hands on experience in the journalism field. Students help create the school’s online newspaper and yearbook. They learn to research, report, interview, write and edit stories. Also, students learn to take photographs and edit pictures using Photoshop. Journalism allows students to have a voice and help accurately record the school history. Students will create and/or perform original artistic presentations in creative writing or media arts in the form of the following: Irish Outlook, the school online newspaper and Maple Leaves, the school yearbook. This course will fulfill the arts standard requirement.

Film GRADE 11-12

Let’s go to the movies!  A variety of films including some film classics are viewed.  Techniques involved in making films such as weather effects, special effects, makeup, etc. are examined by watching Movie Magic segments.  A power point presentation is required.  Film history is discussed and tested.

Holocaust/Crimes Against Humanity – GRADE 11-12

Students will study literature and film.  Power point presentations will be required.  Readings will include a Holocaust poetry unit, The Reunion, The Other Victims, Schindler’s List, etc.  Films watched will include Defiance, Valkyrie, Uprising, Fatherland, etc.  Other genocides may be addressed (Rwanda).  Holocaust vocabulary is included.

Science Fiction and Fantasy - GRADE 11-12

This course would include approximately one quarter of chronological sampling of science fiction beginning with works of Jules Verne up to contemporary works.  The second quarter would be dedicated to fantasy literature.  Suggested authors/works may include, but are not limited to, Science Fiction: excerpts of Jules Verne’s works, H.G. Wells, Ray Bradbury, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Hunger Games, Anthem, Fahrenheit 451; Fantasy: The Arthurian legend stories, J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit), C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia).

College English GRADE 12 (College credit through Southwest Minnesota State University)

This is a writing and research course offered through Southwest Minnesota State University for four college credits.  Students will write 5-6 short papers and 2 large papers, as well as take quizzes for the chapters from the textbook, which will prepare students to write the papers.  **In order for students to be eligible for this course, as seniors they will be in the top half of their class and have a "B" average in English over the past two years.

College Speech GRADE 11-12 (College Credit through Southwest State University)

This course will focus on being a better communicator.  Students will learn about interpersonal communication, oral interpretation, public speaking skills, outlining, and research skills.  Students will give 3-5 individual presentations and 1 or 2 group presentations throughout the semester.  Students with a 3.0 average or higher may take this class for college credit. The course may also be taken if you do not want college credit.